Welcome to the home of KZN’s most diverse safety & security consultants. MOSSC embraces South Africa’s need to provide safety, security and consulting services to private persons and corporate entities. We provide a holistic approach to safety and security, ranging from offering bespoke consulting services through to providing accredited training for personal and private defence, occupational safety, risk mitigation,  and business continuity. 


MOSSC Consultants and trainers have international experience working in some of the most austere and hostile areas of the globe. We have also consulted with major  international entities on safety, security and business continuity. We are accredited with a number of association and government bodies including the South African Police Services, Professional Firearms Trainers Council, Highfield Awarding Body of Compliance (UK/ UAE), SAIOSH and International Firearm Training Academy. MOSSC is also a member in good standing with the Durban Chamber of Commerce and has an accredited Sports Shooting Association situated in Durban, South Africa.


  • Accredited firearm training in handgun, shotgun, self loading rifle and manual loading rifle.
  • Basic firearm training to advanced tactical training.
  • Firearm licensing assistance.
  • Sport Shooting Association.
  • Tactical and Safety Gear.
  • Occupational Safety training and consulting services.
  • Business consulting and risk mitigation.
  • Security and Safety Training.
  • Professional High Threat Bodyguard Training.
  • Private investigation, Tracing and Tracking.
  • Drone Operations

MOSSC is an accredited firearm training provider accredited by the Professional Firearm Trainers Council (PFTC) and the South African Police Services (SAPS).We are able to provide training in handgun, shotgun, self loading rifle and manual loading rifle. Additional modules in handle & use of firearms for business purposes, tactical unit standards, and handle and use of firearms in the police and military environment are also available. Range Officer and Tactical Range Officer training available.

MOSSC Shooting Association is our own accredited sport shooting association in which events cater for all weapon types. Members enjoy shooting their weapons in an accredited, adrenaline fueled safe competitive environment. MOSSC being an accredited sports shooting association has the ability to afford our  members Dedicated Sports Shooter ‘Section 16’ status (subject to rules and regulations).

MOSSC strategic management, risk mitigation and business consultants have extensive international experience with international strategic management and business continuity. Educated by some of the top international universities, coupled with practical experience on almost every continent, MOSSC business consultants can offer your organization a truly holistic approach to corporate risk mitigation, business continuity, increase in quality and ultimately profitable longevity. As part of enhancing our business clients worth, we offer our business clients bespoke digital marketing options which will enhance business value in the electronic media. This services is ideal for start up or medium size companies wanting to strategize and organise to achieve competitive advantages in the South African and international markets. 

MOSSC is accredited by the Private Security Industry Authority (PSIRA) and the South African Institute of Occupational  Safety & Health as an accredited training provider.

Security Sector Training Courses

  • Security Officer Grades E to A
  • Cash- In- Transit Officer
  • Hotel Security Officer
  • Banking Security Officer
  • Retail Security Officer
  • Response Security Officer
  • Special Events Security Officer

Occupational Safety Officer

Work Place Health and Safety (Course graduates are eligible to register with SAIOSH as technician members dependant on other work place experience as determined by SAIOSH).

MOSSC Private investigators are all seasoned investigators having worked both nationally and internationally, serving in the South African Police Services, South African National Defence Force as well as other aligned organizations.

Service include but not limited to:

  • Truth Verification & Polygraph Testing
  • Matrimonial Investigations
  • Due Diligence Investigations
  • Tracing & Tracking of sought individuals
  • Electronic Tracking
  • Investigation of corporate/common crimes
  • Debt Collection (In accordance to South African Law)

Professional services offered in assisting with all types of firearm licensing, competency applications and firearm renewal applications (All applications are subject to SAPS approval).

Services offered include but not limited to:
  • Firearm Competency Applications.
Firearm Licensing Assistance for :
  • Sect. 13 self-defence.
  • Sect. 14 restricted firearm for self-defence.
  • Sect. 15 occasional- hunting & sport shooting.
  • Sect. 16 dedicated hunting & sport shooting.
  • Sect. 17 private collector 
Applications for business licenses, firearm license renewals, firearm license refusal appeals and further firearm competencies.
All applications are subject to SAPS/CFR approval. 
Partnered with licensed Drone Operators, the following services are offered:
  • Aerial Photography / Videography
  • Aerial Surveillance 
  • Perimeter Monitoring 
  • Risk Assessments
  • Event Monitoring
  • Area Assessments
  • Disaster/Incident Assessments
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Professional , upfront and what they say is what you get! Well worth the money and time. I recommend them to anyone! They give you what you need! Loads of thanks Avishkar.
Justin Aboud
Escalations and Service Department
Very good and professional service. Highly recommended.
Riaan Lotter
Marketing Manager
I have never ever experienced this exceptionally high level of efficiency and promptness. Niel Swart and Avishkar Motilal went out of their way to assist me with a specific course request. Your assistance is appreciated more than you can ever imagine.
Dawid van der Merwe
Sales executive
Top service and very accommodating. Professional and precise.
Nivesh Singh
Queensburgh Guns & Sport

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